I'm an interdisciplinary artist in Winnipeg. My work is pretty much always about feelings.
Interested in quiet, soft (both literally and not) forms of feminist practice, unicorns, and TMI.


Compu-Dobby Loom(controlled by computer program)

I’ve been enjoying weaving, while at the same time am not sure how to incorporate it into my practice. My instructor in repeat printing suggested we try to make the next project kind of begin to fit in with what we’d like to be doing, since we end up learning all these separate processes and don’t know what to do with them. I have no idea what to do for that one, either, though. Perhaps a garment of some sort. Anyway, my weaving class is doing a workshop with guest artist, Louise-Lemieux Berubé on Saturday, designing things for weaving on a jaquard loom, using photographs. That might be a good way to start figuring that out.

Currently I’m trying to thread my loom with this wool-stainless steel hybrid. It looks and acts like dirty hair, and it taking a very long time. Maybe I’ll end up with something good. I’m not going to get my hopes up until all threat of tangle has past.

Closeup - black is cotton, yellow is unidentified cupboard thread