I'm an interdisciplinary artist in Winnipeg. My work is pretty much always about feelings.
Interested in quiet, soft (both literally and not) forms of feminist practice, unicorns, and TMI.


I’m taking a break on my embroideries for my grandmother to work on this – an image from a large “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” embroidery pattern I found in a box of books.  It’s at least 50 years old, so I was pleasantly surprised when it still ironed on.  I’ve been trying to figure out things to put with my rusted material.  This one is a long strip that I dyed, and next to the girl I will put part of a conversation I had with an annoying job-applicant at the t-shirt stand.

He asked if I was in graphic design, and I told him about fibre. He asked what it was about, and I used my telephone pin as an example.

“This is the kind of stuff I make.”

“Wow, you must have been really bored.”

That was when I made a note for the manager not to hire that guy.