I'm an interdisciplinary artist in Winnipeg. My work is pretty much always about feelings.
Interested in quiet, soft (both literally and not) forms of feminist practice, unicorns, and TMI.


I’ve been feeling really out of it lately.  I’m not sure what’s up.  I  blissfully missed a department meeting yesterday, and didn’t realize it until 1:00.  I forgot to put my name on an essay(Seriously?!  Am I in elementary school?) and accidentally printed it out in a huge font.  I feel pretty dumb right now.

Working on some embroideries about my anxiety.

nervous closeup
(Click will take you to the flickr set)

The point is to try and slow my mind down, while figuring out how my brain works. It seems like a common concept, as I recently found this quote from Richard Boulet:

“To use quilting and cross-stitching in a body of work that alludes to the psychological dilemmas of redressing regrets seems appropriate, in that there is a strong sense of comfort and self care in these two fibre techniques. Things can’t be so bad, so confused, so basically wrong, if the resulting product produced instils a
sense of a home well tended, eventually.”