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Residency time!

I’m definitely (actually!) going into the studio today. I’ve been sure put to shame by Karin and Arlee, who have been in every day and have been posting their progress. The move-in date kind of snuck up on me and I wasn’t ready for it, I guess.

I’m going to haul some silkscreens and books there today, and if I can find an apron, hopefully clean a couple of them. If not, I’ll have to make/buy an apron (probably buy and screen whatever is on my screens onto said apron). For some reason my favourite ACAD/monitoring apron disappeared near the end of the semester. I lived in that thing! It was a sad day. In theory I had two aprons, but the other one has also been misplaced. Bah.

Here is a preview of (bits of) a pattern I’ll be working on once my dyes and things arrive in the mail. Before we get into the conceptual garments, I want to make some leggings. Printing with dye will keep the image from cracking or peeling when the cloth stretches. Typewriters might work for my trying-to-fit-in-with-hipsters garment.

Preparing a pattern


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