“I’m neurotic. I become really anxious about many things, but especially social situations. I don’t like to smile when people walk by. I think up excuses not to go to parties. I really hate ordering sandwiches because I have to answer too many condiment-related questions. Anxiety is a part of my life. At some point, I realized that the most helpful therapy was the act of sharing.”

Anxiety was the grad piece for my BFA and consisted of several small embroidered works.

Girl Gang Dance Party

Girl Gang Dance Party was a site-specific installation with melinda topilko and assisted by Misery Fields Britton for Phantom Wing, a pre-demolition project at King Edward School in Calgary, in the girl’s washroom of the 1960’s wing of the school. In 2014, we participated (as GGDP) in Plug In ICA’s Summer Institute, whose theme was feminist description.

“This room has been no doubt the site of many torrential nosebleeds, sob-fests, test sites for a girl’s “look”, a place to hide from the school bully or gym class, sneak a cigarette, lend a tampon to a friend who is all out of pocket change, a place to hang out by the counters with intimidating girl gang friends, and a place to scratch secret crushes onto the stall doors. This is a cathartic goodbye to not just the physical building but the imagined place fraught with bizarre histories and private events. Attendees were invited to cry in a private stall, place a confession in the “oracle”, take a selfie with a provided camera, be inspired, nostalgic or disgusted, and dance (or not dance) to records in the space. Our Tumblr page continues to establish GGDP as not only a one-time event, but an ethos and benevolent organization located on Girls’ Paradise Island.”

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