Kenora District Festival of the Arts

Excited to announce I’ll be adjudicating the visual art component of the Kenora District Festival of The Arts this week! The gala is this Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at the Kenora Discovery Centre. Full schedule here.

Wiki Edit-A-Thon

I’m excited to be facilitating the Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon taking place at MAWA on Saturday, March 4th from 1-4pm, co-presented by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation. More information on Mawa’s website and on the Facebook event page.

Blog move

I’ve moved most of the content of this blog to WordPress. This page will focus on news/projects, while that page will serve as a less formal studio diary. See you over there, maybe!

For The Love Of Craft

I have a couple pieces from my Stitched Selfies series in the upcoming Manitoba Craft Council members’ show and sale, For The Love Of Craft, and am pretty honoured to be featured on the poster.


January 22 – February 2, 2016
Cre8ery Gallery 2nd floor, 125 Adelaide
Opening reception Friday, January 22, 7-9 pm.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 12- 5pm

Treasures For Your Troubles

I’m happy to be featured in my good friend Poesie Grenadine‘s zine Treasures For Your Troubles: A zine about taking care, self care, and mental wellness. They are available for sale through her instagram. And if you haven’t checked out her work, please do so.

(Crossing fingers that Instagram embed works on this post.)


I must be in a good space right now, because I spent the week getting this place feeling like a real workspace I can use. I’m very, very excited. First I cleaned out a corner for my partner to keep his e-drums set up – they were stacked on top of the hope chest I keep my fabric in. Very irritating for all involved. I couldn’t get at my stuff without risking a hernia, and he never felt like getting them down to play. It was fun to surprise him with that.

Got all my plants organized and in the window. Then I got everything I could out of the room. All these bins of tools and unsorted crap, gardening stuff, garbage… When I cleaned out my studio at the university, I left a bunch of stuff in bins in my basement. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it at the time. I got all the bins empty and the items all have homes.

The final thing was repainting these thrift store shelves to make a little zine spot (Hesitant to call my tiny pile a “zine library”). Oh. And I put this christmas cactus I bought thinking it was a geranium cutting on my grandma’s old plant stand with a doily for maximum “old lady” vibes.

Next step is getting some window plastic and budget insulation attempts (blanket wedged in balcony door) to prepare for winter. I did get a heater last year, which helps a lot. The old radiator in here doesn’t really do much. In the spring somebody came to fix a hole in the ceiling and realized that there was a hole all the way to outside in the roof, so that might help with the chill, too, although I wouldn’t put it past them to have put in sawdust for insulation. Old houses are funny.

Anyway,  here’s some photos.

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citizen of craft


Well, it’s a little late (the site debuted in September), but I’ve made a profile on Citizens of Craft. It’s a pretty cool initiative through the Ontario Crafts Council. Their slogan is “Declare yourself a citizen of craft.” You can see it here.


This post goes with this.

In Transit: Mediated Identities In Space

If you happen to be in Edmonton between June 19th and July 1st, my work has been included in In Transit: Mediated Identities In Space, which is one of many exhibits that are part of The Works Art and Design Festival. It was curated by Yang Lim and also features Carlin Brown, Karen Campos Castillo, Khrysta Lloren, Chris Oakley, and Megan Smith.

The Festival Guide is available here.


Lately there has been a resurgence in interest in early internet online journals and diaries. I started a Livejournal in 2001 and boy is it difficult to read (I signed in for the first time in ages a couple weeks ago), but some people really have a nostalgia for that time. I have a hard time separating my high school experience from the “thing” of the online journal. Anyway, meandering through that nostalgia, I found out about Tinyletter, an email newsletter service, which people are using to send very personal correspondences. I really like this idea: The zine can be so time consuming and my fear for most humans makes it difficult to distribute them, especially to strangers. I will still make physical zines, but this is a great addition, I think. Less pressure, I guess, and I’m dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century (although this reminds me of early internet, too, my favourite). The online journal days were a lot different than how blogging works. With LJ, I never had someone in a conversation say, “I know, I read that on your blog.” There was more of a community and I didn’t feel so exposed. Anyway, we’ll see where this goes.

If you’d like, sign up for my tinyletter, Replacement Budgie. The letters won’t be more frequent than once a month.

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