Lindsay Joy is originally from Golden, BC. In 2011, she received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree with distinction from the Alberta College of Art + Design, where she majored in Fibre. She completed her Master of Fine Art degree at the University of Manitoba in 2014. Joy has exhibited across Western Canada and abroad including Untitled Art Society, The Works Art and Design Festival, Phantom Wing: A Pre-Demolition Project at King Edward School, and The Embroidered Digital Commons. In 2014, she attended Plug In ICA’s Summer Institute, and completed her thesis exhibition, I’ll Cry If I Want To at University of Manitoba’s School of Art Gallery. She also received the James B. Hartman Scholarship in Fine Arts, the University of Manitoba Faculty of Graduate Studies Special Awards Fund, and the Rosemary and Cliff Kowalsky Scholarship. She lives and works in Winnipeg.

Artist Statement

I’m an interdisciplinary artist making work about feelings. I use a variety of media to create immersive installations composed of found objects, handmade embroidery and other textiles, zines, and video. These are heavily based on my personal experiences as a woman with anxiety, but are intended to connect to a viewer in a more expansive way. I often employ exceedingly saccharine “girly” aesthetics and narratives and reclaim maligned forms, such as the selfie. I often play with ambivalent nostalgia through objects, aesthetics and found materials. I love to connect with people through shared experiences and vulnerability. I’m interested in quiet, soft (both literally and not) forms of feminist practice, unicorns, and TMI. While I employ various media, my training is primarily in fibre. I consider craft and domesticity grounding concepts in the work.